6 Science Backed Fitness Trends For 2016

6 Science Backed Fitness Trends For 2016

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6 Science Backed Fitness Trends For 2016



Welcome To the Fitness World!

Have You Pinpointed Your New Year Resolution?

Is Your New Year Resolution is Fitness?

Well, very well. Fitness as a New Year resolution is really very common. Millions of us have taken this resolution.

Have you started working out towards your resolution? Well, you need a little extra motivation and true guidelines to achieve long term fitness goal. If you are thinking of a short term health and fitness  plans then you must modify it. It is really very beneficial if you focus on long terms fitness trends.

As you know, the fitness trends get one or two new toy. In 2015 spiralizers, avocado toast, dandelion coffee, and sound bath was popular fitness trends.

Don’t worry if you had not tried this, focus on Fitness Trends for 2016. There are plenty of growths that has been identified in fitness trends that are set to improve even more in 2016, such as wearable tech, smart apps, tailored workouts and age-appropriate fitness. Taking interest and investing time into an area of health & fitness is really beneficial this year. The latest fitness trend contains smart techniques to stay fit.

Here We Have Rounded Up 6 Science-Backed Fitness Trends For 2016

#1. Wearing Tech Makes Your Smart

Health And Fitness Tech

Wearable tech gadgets are now dominating physical trainers, because of its accuracy in health checkup. It is the main trend of recent fitness world. The tech industry has boomed now, several wearable devices for your wrist, neck, head, and chest has been launched in the market to track health and fitness level. The fitness tech gadgets are now inbuilt with golf clubs, bicycles, tennis rockets and footballs to check the fitness level of the players. These all tech devices are connected with your smartphone with sensors so you get the accurate health and fitness results.

#2. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT has yet a great place in Fitness Trends for 2016. HIIT continues to show rapid fitness results and burn extra fat of your body. It is a combination of short but bursting kinds of exercise in which you have to enjoy a hard work out like boundary-pushing. But it really keeps you fit and healthy. Read more about HIIT Work Out and Postures.

#3. Have a Great Outdoor Time

You might love having fun and walking with friends outside of your home. If yes, then you are doing great, if not then must start today. While having fun with friends you laugh unconditionally and move your body in the open environment which keeps you fit and fine. If you do it in the morning then it will be more beneficial. Take care of it if your resolution is to follow Latest Fitness Trends for 2016.

#4. Eat Well, Drink Well, Sleep Well

This is the evergreen formula for fitness. Include high protein and less fat in your meal and take it on time. Never skip breakfast or dinner. Take plenty of water almost 8 liters in a day and never cut sleeping hours.  Less hours of sleeping deteriorates your health and increases body fat.

#5. Yoga – The All Time Favorite


Include Yoga in your daily life because it is also one of the Fitness Trends for 2016. It is really beneficial for those who do not have time to play or take exercise such as a working lady. Yoga keep you fit physically and mentally and allow you to have a healthy lifestyle.

#6. Online Training & Magic Supplements

Due to busy lifestyle people do not have time to consult the physical trainer so they look for an online trainer. It will become a Fitness Trend in the year 2016 to consult an online trainers. As far as magic supplements are concerned, it is required when you fail to follow other fitness trends for 2016. Magic Supplements like Phen375 maintains health and fitness level with no workout and yoga. Read More About Phen375

Go with the aforementioned latest fitness trends for 2016 to stay healthy and fit in years to come.

Hope you like this post. In meantime, you can share your thoughts in the comment box.

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