8 Cool Ways to Kick-Start Weight loss & Get Slim Body

8 Cool Ways to Kick-Start Weight loss & Get Slim Body

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8 Cool Ways to Kick-Start Weight loss & Get Slim Body


Have you decided to lose some weight?

Well, Weight loss is one of the most sizzling topics in magazine, advertisements and on television nowadays.

A Recent report shows that 24 percent of all the adults in England are obese and another 36 percent fall under the overweight category. So, it’s no wonder that weight loss is such a hot topic today. But Managing Weight can be an uplifting experience.

So are you ready to lose your weight?

We are here with some amazing tips shared by nutritionist Vicky Pennington to kick-start your weight loss program:

  1. Keep Treats to Under 100 Calories

When it comes to treat, it’s obvious that you can’t say “No”. It’s not about saying No at all, it’s about controlling yours calories intake. Make sure that you don’t consume more than 100 calories. It will help you to stick to your regular diet plan in the future.

The NHS recommends following calories intake or those who are trying to shed their weight.

  • 1,400 calories a day for women
  • 1,900 calories a day for men

You can go for

  • 100 calories snacks
  • A Chocolate Bar
  • Chocolate Digestive Biscuit
  1. Use a Pedometer or Fitness Tracker

This is really a good way to get more active. You can consult your nutritionist whether a pedometer or other wearable tech such as fitness bracelet best suits you or not.

As you know there are lots of fitness gadgets available nowadays. You just need to aim for 10,000 steps a day which is roughly 5 miles. Avoid lifts, take stairs wherever you can.

  1. Begin By Keeping Diet Diary

Usually, it is seen that most of us eat more than we think we do. Writing down every single food you had taken for a week will identify where you need to make some changes in your food plan. You can simply replace the empty calories found in soft drinks and juices with plain water. It will help you to keep a check on alcohol consumption which is another source of heavy calorie intake.

  1. Make Healthy Food Swaps

Keeping track of what you eat will help you to swap healthy food in place of unhealthy.

Swap crisps for lightly salted popcorn and A crunchy biscuit for Rice Cake.

  1. Plan Your Menus For A week & Write a Shopping List

Just plan your each meal and snack and then prepare your shopping list based on that. Build up a supply of healthier snacks.

  1. Choose Foods That are more Filling

Cutting out junk and unhealthy drinks for main meals is a good option to opt for. At the same time, you must choose foods that are low in calories but still make you feel fuller. Try replacing meats for lean protein such as eggs, fish, chicken, and turkey. Vegetarians can go for pulses, lentils, and beans.

  1. Go For Wholegrain Breads, Brown Rice & Whole Wheat Pasta

While choosing carbs for you, try replacing white for brown. These healthier options make you feel full as they are the rich source of fiber than their white counterparts. Begin your day with a wholegrain breakfast cereal. After all one who eat breakfast tend to be thinner than one who doesn’t.

  1. Make Plan For Surviving With Tricky Days Out

It’s really tough to stick to your regular diet plan when you are out or on a holiday. You must plan what should you eat so that your calorie intake doesn’t increase by 500 calories at lunch time. Opt for healthy salads at lunch and less protein in dinner.

Note: These all tips and trick are so helpful for beginners; if you are obese then you have to take weight loss supplements. It will help you to kick start your weight loss process and get slim and sexy body soon.

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